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Posavina : a hunting and fishing paradise

Posavina is a region located in north-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina on the border with Croatia and more precisely in the Sava and Bosna Rivers basin. The project “Posavina : hunting and fishing’s paradise” intends to promote the region and attracts hunting and fishing lovers.

Sava River Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sava River

Hunting and fishing are important activities linked to tourism in the region and also in Bosnia. The diversity of vegetation and natural resources of Mount Vučijak provides ideal conditions for the multiplication of deer, wild boar, hares and pheasants.

Sava River is full of all kind of fishes: carp, pike, perch, sturgeon, and bream… Carp is a real symbol of Posavina.

The project “Posavina : hunting and fishing’s paradise”, funded by the European Union, has been implemented by the tourist community of Posavina’s Canton.

The project takes into account the resources for hunting and fishing of 8 communes (Odžak, Domaljevac, Vukosavlje, Modriča, Gradačac, Bosanski Šamac, Brod and Orašje) and Brčko District.

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