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Bulgarian villages: an immersion in nature

If you really want to feel the authenticity of Bulgaria, then you must visit its villages. Because it is in these places that are hidden secrets, mind, nature and tradition of peoples of the Balkan. History buffs have surely heard about Hristo Botev, Ivana Vazova or the rich literary heritage that these former Balkan peoples have left.



Located in picturesque landscape, at the foot of mountains, Bulgarian villages are famous for their beauty and hospitality of the people living there. Therefore, ethno-tourism is well developed in this country and we recommend you to try it, not only for traditional dishes prepared in these places but to feel the authenticity of Bulgaria. These villages have centuries of history, and in every village you will hear stories, legends and myths about their heroes.

The contact with nature will allow you to enjoy the fresh air and rest effectively. You will also be able to taste the dishes prepared with healthy foods like the famous homemade yogurt. These villages also offer many activities such as horseback riding. So, you will be able to ride through the forests and grasslands that are around these villages.

In terms of ecotourism, the place that you should not miss is the city of Melnik, which is the smallest city in Bulgaria, and the villages around. Some of the most beautiful villages in Bulgaria are located in the Rhodope region, including the famous villages of Široka, Laka, Momčilovci, Orehovo, Gela, Smiljan and Pletena. In the region of the Balkan mountain, you will also find many beautiful villages. Do not hesitate to visit the villages of Žeravnu, Orešak, Medven, Elenu, Teteven and Božanci.

Similarly, the Black Sea coast offers many opportunities for rural tourism since a multitude of villages and hamlets are located on this side, which is an ideal choice for day trips during summer.

Here is a list of villages to visit: Krapetc, Tjulenovo, Kamen Brjag, Lozenec, Varvara and Rezovo which is on the border with Turkey and southern of Bulgarian coast.

Rila mountain home sumptuous villages that are carefully preserved and we recommend you to visit Beli Iskar, Mala Carkva and Dobarsko.

During the month of June, on Strandža Mountain, you will be able to participate in the ancient ritual of “Nestinarstvo” which consists to dance on burning coal. “Nestinari”, the name given to people who practice this ancient ritual, dance on the coals in a special way. This ritual takes place on June 3 and ends with a group dance that implores the Holy Emperor Constantine and the Empress Helena to protect them during the year.

If you have time to visit these villages, you will be able to enjoy Bulgaria at reasonable prices.

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