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The National Park: “Central Balkan”

The National Park “Central Balkan” is located in the center of Bulgaria and especially on the Balkan mountain. It is the place where we can found rare and endangered species of fauna and flora as well as historical sites of scientific and cultural significance.

National Park Central Balkan Bulgaria

National Park “Central Balkan”, Bulgaria

The “Central Balkan” park covers a total of 70 000 hectares and was created in 1991 in order to preserve the heritage of this great region and protect the mores of the local population.

The National Park “Central Balkan”

In 2003, the park became a member of the organization PAN Parks and obtained a certification linked to the preservation of wilderness and the development of sustainable tourism. The PAN Parks Foundation (Protected Areas Network Parks) is a European non-governmental organization which aims to safeguard wild natural areas in Europe.

The national park become a home for around 2,340 species of plants and endangered species such as wolf, otter, chamois, wild cat or imperial eagle…

Park’s tourism

The park offers to tourists the best hiking trails of Bulgaria. There are specific places such as observation posts and resting areas. Tourism itineraries have been defined in order to explore the park by different ways (horse riding, cycling or walking) following special places like observation posts of plants, birds, mammals or landscapes…

Many hotels, chalets and guest house are available for visitors who will be able to discover the local cook and culture.

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