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Bjelolasica: the largest ski resort in Croatia

Bjelolasica is the highest mountain in the Kapela massif which belongs to the mountain range of the Dinaric Alps. Located in the area of Gorski Kotar, it owes its name to the snow cover that covers its summit during winter.



In winter, the mountain is the ideal ski destination because the snow is of exceptional quality and generally remains present until the middle of spring, after which it is replaced by a luxuriant flora. Despite its steep slopes, this mountain is also a hiking trail that leads to the ski slopes of the Croatian Olympic Center. You will be able to combine several physical activities to enable you to invigorate effectively.

The Olympic Center is located at 620 meters above sea level and offers several rooms for tourists. The price of these rooms is reasonable and allows the small budgets to find also their happiness. During the spring and summer, the center adapts to the climate and offers the possibility to train on a football field with an athletic track, on a jogging track or in a gymnasium. The ski slopes are located a few hundred meters from the Olympic Center. The tourists can access it with their car because there is a parking at the foot of the slopes. The resort also has ski lifts to fully enjoy the slopes.

The black trail “Vrelo” has been completely renovated and is now considered one of the most beautiful slopes in Croatia with a length of 1,354 meters. The 1,200-meter-long red track “Gomirkovica” is the most popular trail in Bjelolasica during the weekend. On this trail you will find a restaurant that offers good local dishes at reasonable prices.

As the ski resort is only 30 kilometers from the sea, the weather conditions do not allow the snow to hold all season long. That’s why the resort plans to invest in artificial snow systems to allow visitors to fully enjoy.

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