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Platamon: enjoy holidays in the shade.

Platamon is a seaside resort located at the foot of Mount Olympus. It was named according to the many plane trees that populate this area and which provide large areas of shadows allowing the tourist to shelter from the sun during the summer.



Platamon is located about 90 kilometers from Thessaloniki. It is a real small town with a population of 1500 inhabitants and it has a port, a market, a main street and a promenade. You will also be able to observe the Platamon Castle located on a hill by the sea, between San Panteleimon and Platamon.

Along the main promenade you can find shops, cafes, restaurants, shops, bars and fast food outlets. There is even a supermarket in the street overlooking the promenade. Do not hesitate to taste the local products at advantageous prices.

Platamon has two pebble beaches located on one side of the harbor. The beaches are equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas and a large number of bars and taverns offer a festive atmosphere. There is also a third sandy beach which is fairly wide and extends from the eastern end of the resort to Neoi Poroi.

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