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Top 5 winter destinations in Greece

Greece attracts more and more tourists who want to enjoy the peace and to relax during winter. We have elaborated a list of five places you have to visit when you travel in the country during winter.

Mount Pelion

Mount Pelion is located a few kilometres from the port of Volos in Thessaly and according to Greek mythology it has been inhabited by centaurs. There are 24 beautiful villages.

Makrinitsa in Mount Pelion

Makrinitsa in Mount Pelion

Mount Pelion is visited all the year for its exceptional natural environment, its dense greenery, waterfalls and gorges, romantic bays and local architecture.

Do not miss to visit the stone villages such as Tsagarada and Makrinitsa which are the most famous villages in Greece.

Explore a wild nature on horseback! The journey on horseback is organized by a local agency and starts in Argalasti which is a beautiful village in the south of the peninsula. From this village, you will be able to reach the beaches on both sides of the peninsula.

The old mansions have been converted into comfortable guest houses with a special atmosphere which is difficult to find somewhere else in Greece.

Zayorohória’s villages

The villages are located in Epirus and especially on Týmfi’s steep and snowy slopes.



You will be able to visit the 46 traditional villages built in a magical place in the middle of pines and firs which is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in Europe.

Do not miss to visit the many architectural masterpieces that are often associated with legends and local traditions.

Trekking lovers will be satisfied with the variety of trails in Zayorohória.

Traditional stone houses will offer you peace and tranquillity during your stay.

Mountainous Arcadia

Nestled among the slopes of Mount Mainalo in the Peloponnese, you will find the mountain villages of Dimitsana, Stemnitsa and Vytina.



You will discover Greek history with places linked to legendary heroes and fierce fighting.

Do not miss to visit the village of Dimitsana which was one of the most important places during the war of independence between the Greeks and the Ottoman Empire.

You will also be able to experience rafting on the Lousios River or trekking in the mountain trails.

The impressive stone houses converted into guesthouses or first class hotels offer a wide range of accommodation.


Arachova is a picturesque village nestled at the foot of Mount Parnassos in Boeotia, in southern Greece.



This is THE winter destination in Greece, it is very appreciated by skiers and celebrities and ideal to relax thanks to the mountain coming directly from a dream and its modern tourist facilities.

Do not miss to visit the Byzantine churches of the village with their well-preserved frescoes.

You will be able to go hiking or skiing.

Various first-class hotels and traditional guest houses offer a quality accommodation.


Karpenisi is a mountain village located in Evrytania.



A snowy place, deep ravines, fast flows rivers, lakes, impressive gorges and Byzantine monasteries offer a unique winter experience.

Do not miss to visit the Byzantine church of Agia Triada which is the most popular site of Karpenisi.

You will be able to practice different mountain activities like skiing, hiking, trekking, rafting…

For your stay, you will also be able to choose between guest houses, B&Bs and luxury hotels.

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