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Kosovo: a tourist destination for Americans?

The “New York Times” published an article (“41 destinations to visit in 2011”) in which it advices to visit Kosovo. The famous American newspaper congratulates the beauty of the mountains, the medieval architecture and the nightlife.

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Pristina, Kosovo

The NY Times puts the Kosovo in the 36th position and said that the region is still fragile. It added that Kosovo declared its independence in 2008 and that tourism is booming despite the persisting problems.

The project consisting in the construction of a highway for a value of one billion dollars, the hotel renovation, the presence of low cost carriers (Easyjet) and many historical monuments protected by UNESCO are the signs of the development of tourism.

Kosovo’s population is one of the youngest in Europe (half of the population is under 25 years). This is particularly evident in Pristina where young entrepreneurs living abroad are investing and these results in a city full of cafes, nightclubs and restaurants.

The newspaper added that the tourists will be surprised by the beauty and richness of mountains and pine forests. It also mentions the Orthodox monasteries, the remains of the Slave past and the Ottoman Empire. Tourists will be able to visit the Patriarchate of Peć which is a Serbian Orthodox monastery including a set of medieval churches. Do not miss to visit the monastery of Dečani and its cathedral, which is the largest medieval church in the Balkans, and also the Byzantine frescoes.

The newspaper also recommends visiting Okinawa in Japan, Santiago in Chile, Iceland, Georgia and Kurdistan…

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