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Igalo : a mix of health tourism and festive holiday

Igalo, a nearby town of Herceg Novi, is located at the entrance to the Kotor Bay, along the border with Croatia.



Igalo is known as a tourist destination thanks to its mud located in shallow waters, which has earned it the name “Stara Banja” (Old Spa). This city is undoubtedly the center of health tourism in Montenegro. Igalo is also known for its mineral water, weakly exploited, called “Igaljka“.

In 1930, Igalo’s muds were analyzed in specialized laboratories in Vichy (France) and scientists have finally confirmed that they had extraordinary healing properties. But, it is only after the Second World War, on the initiative of Mirko J. Stijepčić and Dr. Svetozar Živojnović, that health facilities construction plans have been realized. The government finally approved the approach in 1949.

Igalo is not only a town devoted to health tourism as the city has many nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. The pedestrian street, located by the sea, is going up to Herceg Novi and it is here that are located all entertainment establishments.

This is surely one of the cheapest cities in Montenegro and you will be able to notice this with the rental prices of apartments that rarely exceed 10 Euros per night (for one person).

You will be able to admire the church ofSv. Preobraženja Gospodnjeg“, built in the mid 17th century and was renovated in 1857. The building has retained its authenticity.

Holidaying in Igalo is an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy this place at any time since Igalo has 260 days of sunshine per year. The summer season (during which swimming is possible) lasts from May to October.

If you want to combine health tourism and festive holiday, Igalo is the right place.

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