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Kopaonik : skiing at a lower cost

Serbia is an ideal destination if you want to ski and you have a limited budget. Indeed, the ski resort of Kopaonik is certainly the place that will satisfy you to take advantage of the winter period in an optimal way.



The station is located on the largest Serbian mountain massif: it stretches from north-west to south-east over a length of about 75 km and a width of 40 km. The Ravni Kopaonik plateau is the highest part of the massif where you can find the highest peaks: Pančićev vrh (2017 m), Karaman (1934 m), Gobelja and Vucak (1934 m). The nature is intact with forests of pines, conifers, beeches and oaks which offer a magnificent landscape.

On the Ravni Kopaonik plateau, you will find a large tourist center dedicated to mountain activities with many accommodation facilities, ski slopes, ski lifts and many other facilities. A similar complex has been developed on the eastern slope of the massif, near the village of Brzeće, where about 1,000 beds are available to tourists whether in hotels, private apartments, houses or chalets.

The complex is accessible by car from the west and east sides of the massif, so you can go to the place very easily. Buses also regularly come from Biljanovac, Rudnica, Brzeće or Kruševac. Many tourist agencies offer to go to Kopaonik from the biggest cities of Serbia at very advantageous prices. So you will be able to visit one of these cities before going to ski if you opt for this kind of travel.

Kopaonik was named National Park, in 1981, due to its abundant and intact nature.

Weekly ski passes vary between 80 and 120 euros.

Daily ski passes vary between 20 and 25 euros.

Regarding hotel rooms, prices vary according to the requirements of the guests, the common rooms cost on average from 15 to 25 euros per night and the most luxurious rooms from 50 to 120 euros per night. You will also find great deals with rates for 10 days.

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