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Visit Serbian’s Lakes during summer

Those who want to forget the bustle of cities and crowded beaches of the Mediterranean will spend their vacation on a lake in Serbia where nature is still preserved and beautiful. Discover the Bovan, Vlasina , Zaovine and Perucac Lakes.

These lakes are full of fish and will delight all fishing lovers who will be able to rent bungalows on water or nearby hotel rooms.

Bovan Lake

Bovan Lake, which is 10 km long, is located on the road to Sokobanja. The lake is full of fish and especially prized by fishermen. Motor boats are prohibited and that is why we will find an intact nature.

Bovan Lake Serbia

Bovan Lake

The lake is a paradise for fans of sailing, rowing and pedal boats. There are special places for swimming and camping. The water depth can reach 50 meters in some places and this is why it is recommended that swimmers should not get away from the coast.

During the summer, thousands of swimmers, campers and fishermen meet at the beaches of Bovan Lake.

Vlasina Lake

Vlasina Lake is located in southern Serbia near the border with Bulgaria. Mountains, gorges, waterfalls, springs, rivers, flora and fauna enhance the natural and rare beauty of the area.

Vlasina Lake Serbia

Vlasina Lake

The silence of the mountains and the favorable impact of climate make Vlasina Lake the ideal place to relax.

Tourists can enjoy the “floating islands” that are not static and can change position depending on weather conditions.

Zaovine Lake

Zaovine Lake has a true ecological paradise with over 1000 species of plants, over 50 species of mammals and 150 species of birds.

Zaovine Lake Serbia

Zaovine Lake

Tourism in the region began to grow intensively in recent years. During summer, you will be able to rent a luxury apartment for about 35 Euros.

The lake is located a few kilometers from Mitrovac‘s tourist center which has one of the finest views in Serbia where you will be able to see Perućac Lake, the canyon of the river Drina and even Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Perućac Lake

Perućac Lake is located a few kilometers from Bajina Bašta on the right bank of the Drina. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the nature.

Perućac Lake Serbia

Perućac Lake

During summer, swimmers meet at the artificial beach for sunbathing and water refreshing.

Two tourist boats are sailing on the lake to allow visitors to discover the beauty of the lake and surroundings.

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