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Ljubljana: a warm and welcoming city

Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, will give a warm and welcoming image to tourists. You will feel like you are at home but only if you are a non-smoking person and have enough money in your wallet. In fact, prices are high and it is forbidden to smoke almost anywhere.

Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana, a warm and welcoming city

Ljubljana has always been a clean and well maintained city, welcoming and charming where everything works perfectly.

Nightlife in Ljubljana

Even if the capital of Slovenia has 23 universities and more than 55,000 students, you will be disappointed with the nightlife. During the day, students meet in the France Prešeren (famous poet) square and cafes that surround it.

When cafes close their doors after midnight, people usually return home and leave the streets of Ljubljana almost empty.

Saturday is an exception because it is usually the day when people are clubbing all the night. European people will not be disoriented because it is forbidden to smoke in public places.

Prices in Ljubljana

Living standards are similar to European countries ones and prices are the same as in European big cities.

2 drinks at a cafe in the city center cost about 7 Euros. The price of a haircut for man is about 23 Euros. It is not uncommon to find luxury boutiques selling products at exorbitant prices.

Some famous places

Jože Plečnik, a famous architect of Ljubljana, has strongly influenced the city and you will be able to visit the many buildings he designed. Half of monuments are dedicated to him and several institutions in the city, including the largest Slovenian airport, bear his name.

Do not miss to visit the Tromostovje (Triple Bridge which is a symbol of Ljubljana), the town market and the fish market.

You will also be able to visit Ljubljana by bike thanks to the self-service bicycles.

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