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7 tips to pass the time during a flight delay

It is not uncommon, when we are traveling, to have our flight delayed for various reasons. The question is what to do during this waiting time if you do not want to become mad or disturb other passengers.

Waiting for a delayed flight Travel

Waiting for a delayed flight

Although we are aware that we will have to wait for hours, we always hope that the flight will be delayed for some minutes, so we are waiting with nothing to do and we are ready to jump when the plane is ready. But we must be realistic and prepared to wait, so here are 7 tips that will help you pass the time in the airport:

Tip 1: sleep

If you are tired, sleeping is the best way to pass the time. Do not hesitate to lie on the ground, there is no shame in that and you will not be the only ones having this idea.

Tip 2: read

If you are not with friends to help you pass the time when you are waiting, make sure to have a good book to read. Bring a book you intended to read anyway. If you do not like reading books, you will easily be able to find some newspapers or magazines in the airport.

Tip 3: meet people

You might find a lot of other people who are in the same situation. Why do not you meet other people? You will already have a common topic of discussion: the flight delay.

Tip 4: eat something

Even if you are not very hungry, you will be able to explore the airport by identifying various restaurants, menus and prices. The time you decide something, you will be hungry and you will observe that some minutes passed.

Tip 5: surf on internet

Feel free to check your email, chat, post something on facebook or twitter … using a phone or an Internet point.

Tip 6: shopping

Visit the duty free shops for a gift, for example (if you will meet a friend or your family during your trip), because you will have enough time to think and find something unique.

Tip 7: writing

You can write down the positives and negatives points of the airport and post it later as comment on this website, for example, or on any other comparison site.

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