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5 Tips on travelling as a couple

The first time we had to travel as a couple is often synonymous with catastrophe and an end to the relationship we have with our half. Going out together occasionally is one thing but spending 10 days together during holidays is another and a lot of couples encounter problems.

A happy couple on vacation Travel

A happy couple on vacation

As the article 7 Tips to pass the time during a flight delay, we will see the five tips that it is important to follow in order to “survive” a trip as a couple:

Tip 1: choose the good destination

That makes sense but it is the base, it is necessary that both parties are satisfied with the stay. If, unfortunately, a person of the couple does not like the destination, the trip will become catastrophic. Try to find a suitable destination and honesty is primary during the negotiations.

Tip 2: choose the good type of trip

Find an agreement, truthfully, on the type of trip you plan: beach, countryside, mountain, hiking … romantic, alone or with friends… This is a very important step if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Tip 3: organize your trip

Try, together, to organize your trip accordingly. Make a program as detailed as possible in order to agree on all things to do, day by day, during the stay. This will avoid disputes because of some disagreements.

Tip 4: avoid the bad habits

If this is the first time you spend several days with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, try to identify your bad habits (leave the toilet seat raised for example or if you do not pull the flush and stay in the bathroom during hours …) and try to change or mitigate it in order to not upset the other.

Tip 5: Spend some time alone

This is not a very good idea to stay “glued” together 24h/24. Try to spend some time alone with a good book, music or visiting the place. This will release the pressure and relax the atmosphere.

These are 5 tips among many others, so what are your secrets for a couple travelling without any problems?

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