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Rhodes: a dream destination

Rhodes is a Greek Island often classified in the top 5 “favorite destinations” in the world.
Rhodes is known as the “Island of Sun” because it counts 300 days of sunshine per year which is a good argument allowing us to say that it is an attractive destination.

Rhodes Greece

Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is the third largest island of the Dodecanese which is a group of 12 islands in the southern Aegean Sea. It has about 100,000 inhabitants and 50% live in the main town of the island which has also the same name. The island is located only 18 kilometers from Turkey but Greek traditions were preserved. It had an important role in the history of Greece so that is why we are able to discover the archaeological sites and also a well-preserved old and sublime town.

Family is very important in Greek culture, so it is not unusual to see children in places usually frequented by adults such as bars and restaurants. It is a perfect destination for families.

Rhodes is the perfect Island to avoid stress because the pace of life is very relaxing and allows you to relax and forget the daily worries. It offers many possibilities to suit all needs such as relaxing on the beach, shopping, doing some water activities and discovering the nightlife.

Northern Rhodes offers more tourist activities but it is easy to move across the island thanks to the excellent organization of public transport and taxis. The places that you should not miss are the city of Rhodes, the small villages around and the resorts such as Faliraki, Lindos and Kremasti

The “Island of Sun” is a great choice for perfect holidays.

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