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The most dangerous cities in the world

Some destinations can be extremely dangerous: drugs, organized crime, incompetent governments … are some examples that show that some cities, even if they have exotic landscapes, must attract travelers’ vigilance.

Ciudad Juárez Mexico

Ciudad Juárez

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

It is a city on the border with the United States and the starting point for drug traveling in the United States.

Unfortunately, the city is known for thousands of deaths caused by clashes between various drug cartels.

Maceió, Brazil

Brazilian government wanted that this destination become the number one regarding tourism in Brazil, but the project has been interrupted by hundreds of deaths and violence that has increased by 180% in a few years because of the drug present in the favelas.

Acapulco, Mexico

Once, this city was famous for its beaches and clubs that have attracted celebrities from around the world, but Acapulco has not escaped the violence that has affected other parts of the state with distressing statistics: 128 murders / 100,000 inhabitants.

Distrito Central, Honduras

The district is composed of several cities and the specialists noticed an increase of violence in the capital, Tegucigalpa. Death has become so widespread that the mayor of the city offers the coast of the funeral to residents.

Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela‘s capital has become the battlefield of many gang members. In 2011, Caracas has recorded more than 3000 murders and only 10% of murders are solved.

Torreon, Mexico

This is another victim of the many wars between drug cartels. Because of frequent clashes, the city records several murders.

New Orleans, United States

The city was able to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, but a significant increase in violence was recorded. The city knows the highest homicide rates in the country.

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston became the capital of the violence in the Caribbean with frequent murders.

Cape Town, South Africa

Although the city is a major tourist destination, it has reached a high rate of violence.

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