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The best train trips in Europe

Train trips have something special and magical: it allow us to discover many rich and varied landscapes, meet new cultures and visit fantastic cities. Here are the top train trips in Europe.

Best  Train Trip Europe


Geneva – Milan

This 4 hour trip will offer you spectacular views of Lake Geneva and snow-capped Alps.

The train passes through Lausanne and Brig where you will be able to take the “Glacier Express” which is a train that will enable you to reach St. Moritz, the famous ski resort.

Sofia – Belgrade

This trip through the Balkans will enable you to discover Bulgarian and Serbian landscapes and the two capitals, Sofia and Belgrade.

You will also be able to contemplate buildings from the communist era and beautiful Orthodox churches.

The yellow train – Pyrenees

This train of yellow color, which is a century old, will enable you to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees. You can take it to reach the ski resorts.

The yellow train crosses bridges and viaducts at an altitude of 1600 meters.

Berlin – Moscow

This trip will enable you to discover Germany, Poland (Warsaw), Belarus and Russia.

The best is to travel with this train during winter in order to discover beautiful and icy landscapes.

Bosnia & Serbia

You will be able to discover the most beautiful railways in the South-East Europe with the line “Sargan Eight” in Serbia and Čapljina – Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

London – Avignon

This trip will enable you to reach the south of France which is an ideal destination during summer. You will be able to take this train every saturday in London‘s train station

You will be able to observe the English countryside before discovering the French vineyards while enjoying a good wine.

Helsinki – Saint Petersburg

This trip, which lasts two hours, will enable you to experience a train service which is impeccable.

You will discover beautiful landscapes while enjoying a pleasant trip.

Zurich – Arosa

This train trip starts in Zurich’s airport and passes through the city of Chur which is representative of Swiss culture.

The tour will make you discover incredible landscapes.

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