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Kusadasi : Turkish entertainment capital

If you are attracted by the world renowned sweets, traditional craft shops or summer nights which are perfect for partying, Kusadasi will satisfy you with many surprises.



In recent years, Turkey has become one of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists. In addition to its great beaches, its uncountable activities and various culinary delights, this country hides many interesting historical and cultural monuments that are waiting to be explored.

What is particularly interesting about the Turkish coast is that, for centuries, the Turkish and Greek cultures were intertwined and this has resulted in beautiful places that are not only known for their beauty, but much more. You will be able to check this by visiting some of the most famous cities of the coast such as Alanya, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Bodrum and many others… If you decide to spend a holiday on the Turkish coast, you will make the first step towards an unforgettable adventure.

One of the best places for young people and all those who love the festive atmosphere of summer is definitely Kusadasi, a city which, during the summer, is entirely devoted to tourists with regularly organized events that will make their stay memorable.

When you arrive in Kusadasi, you will be bewitched by the smell of cinnamon and pistachio coming from pastries which are everywhere in the streets. So you will be able to enjoy the Turkish specialties such as “baklava“, “tulumba” or the famous “Turkish Delight“.

The narrow streets with its fur shops, souvenir and jewelry shops, illuminated by colorful lanterns will give you an overview on the appearance that had this old trading town long time ago, when the commercial ships docked and turned the city in a huge market. Today, it is different because commercial ships were replaced by ships that transport tourists. You will be able to attend amusing scenes where tourists try to negotiate the best with Turkish vendors who are known to be fine negotiators.

As you walk the streets, you will find, on almost each table, small cups filled with the famous Turkish apple tea. You will also be able to taste this tea (both hot and cold). Do not hesitate to accompany your tea with one or more Turkish delights. You will also find many carpet sellers. One of these shops is also located in the famous Caravanserai Kusadasi Hotel which is located on the coast. Formerly it was a resting place for merchants and, today, it has become a famous place where you will be able to enjoy the best traditional Turkish parties.

If you decide to participate to one of these parties, you will be able to see a beautiful show with belly dancers and traditional Turkish music. Clubs and discos on beaches and in the city center will offer you festive moments during the day as well as the evening. When clubs make a pause, tourists do not hesitate to go to enjoy the beach. The beach of Kusadasi’s town is quiet and mostly visited by locals contrary to the most attractive beaches that are popular destinations for tourists who enjoy the minibus that go there and that you will be able to stop anywhere on the road. You will be able to enjoy the golden sand, turquoise sea and sumptuous cafes along these beaches.

Kusadasi by night

Kusadasi by night

If you decide to visit Kusadasi, do not hesitate to also visit the ancient city of Ephesus where you will be able to enjoy many water parks.

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