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Kotor : immersion in the Middle Ages

At the heart of the bay, this is one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world, and at the foot of the mountain Lovcen is located Kotor, a rich cultural and medieval urban complex city that still retains its authenticity.

Panorama of Kotor

Panorama of Kotor

The people of this charming medieval town, on the coast of Montenegro, are ready to receive tourists, from all around the world, for the next summer season.

The entries of this city, whether from the North, the South or the sea, testify to the medieval and diverse architecture left by the various occupants, from Venetian governors to Turkish admirals, of that city. Tourists will be able to see that the city of Kotor still shows its turbulent past and that today it reveals various vestiges of the different cultures that have marked this city.

If all this is not enough to satisfy your curiosity, you can complete your immersion in the Middle Ages by visiting Risan, which is the oldest part of the Bay of Kotor (people even talked about this place in the 3rd century BC). Similarly, you can visit the neighboring villages of fishermen which are Perast, Orahovac, Moriv or Dobrota.

For those who prefer physical activities during the holidays, there are many sports clubs that offer water activities. We can particularly talk about the sailing club “Lahor” or the diving association “Kotor” which provides instructors for the visitors.

You will also be able to find lots of restaurants and taverns that serve fresh fish. Clubers will be able to party all the night thanks to the many nightclubs that populate Kotor and are also known to be the best clubs and bars in the Montenegrin coast.

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