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Le Coche d’Eau: from the Seine to the Adriatic Sea

The tourist boat “Le Coche d’Eau” (also known as “Vodena Kočija”) arrived from Paris in the Bay of Kotor six years ago. It left the Seine waters to become an essential attraction which enable to visit the Montenegrin coast and navigate on the Adriatic Sea.

Le Coche d'Eau Adriatic Sea Kotor Montenegro

Le Coche d’Eau on the Adriatic

Le Coche d’Eau is a riverboat that formerly sailed on the Seine. Every year, it transports thousands of tourists on the Adriatic Sea, near Kotor. It can accommodate 420 passengers and has a restaurant with 250 seats and a terrace with 150 seats.

The boat allows tourists to visit Kotor during the day and night. It is especially appreciated by the Montenegrin who organize weddings, business dinners or parties.

Le Coche d’Eau is now a part of the Bay of Kotor’s landscapes and is one attraction that you must try when you will visit Montenegro.

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