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Bucharest: The largest amusement park in Romania

Bucharest residents and tourists will be able to enjoy a modern amusement park equipped with the latest technological achievements in this field. Terra Park, the largest amusement park in Romania, had accommodated more than 600,000 visitors the first year.

Terra Park Bucharest Romania

Terra Park in Bucharest

Rami Dacia company takes the initiative for the construction of the Terra Park. 25 million Euros were invested in its construction.

Terra Park is about 30,000 square meters large and has more than thirty attractions: a roller coaster which is 310 meters long, a 53 meter high platform that falls into the void, boat navigating on waterfalls, rides, games…

500 parking places were built around the park and close to many restaurants. Park officials plan to build hotels, concert halls and the largest roller coaster in the country.

Romania had not such important amusement park before the construction of Terra Park. The construction plan of “the park of Count Dracula” had failed before.

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