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Restore your health in Sokobanja

Last year, it was very good for Sokobanja’s tourism because the city hosted more than 10,000 tourists (from Serbia and abroad) during summer despite a difficult start. During a cold weather, it is nice to recuperate and enjoy the Sokobanja’s facilities.

Sokobanja Serbia


Fortunately for tourism specialists from Sokobanja, for whom tourism represents 90% of the revenue, poor attendance at the beginning of last year was quickly swept away by the massive arrival of tourists.

The number of tourists is increasing and they highly appreciate the benefits of the spa at the foot of Ozren mountain.

Sokobanja has around 2500 beds in hotels and 12,000 beds in private accommodation which prices vary depending on the type and quality of accommodation.

Experts are optimistic and think that the number of tourists is expected to grow this year. They are already preparing for the summer period. Many offers complete the initial stay in the spa (such as hiking, picnic…).

After Zlatibor, Sokobanja is the second most visited tourist place in Serbia.

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