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Antalya’s Turquoise paradise

If you want to relax and escape the stress of the city, the luxurious hotel called “Turquoise” and located in Antalya is a destination that will satisfy you this summer. The “Turquoise” hotel, which is a symbol of luxury and relaxation in Turkey, will particularly satisfy families with its high service level.

Turquoise Hotel Antalya Turkey

Turquoise Hotel, Antalya


As the Titanic Hotel, “Turquoise” Hotel in Antalya has several pools, a leisure pool, a water park with slides, air-conditioned rooms with sea views, 6 bars, a pine forest, a mini club, games room and a shopping center.

Small houses on the lake shore, belonging to the hotel, are very popular.


Sport lovers will be able to enjoy the various structures and activities offered by the Turquoise Hotel: sauna, aerobics, fitness, tennis, table tennis, football, beach volleyball, archery, bowling…


The hotel has a restaurant with a large terrace for the main meal. You will be able to taste Italian, Turkish and Chinese specialties. There is also a snack, a bar and a pastry for dessert and Turkish pancakes lovers…


History buffs will be able to visit the tourist town of Side (located 3.5 kilometers from the hotel) to contemplate the temple of Apollo, the Byzantine basilica or enjoy Phoenician baths.

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