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Ohrid: a destination that combines nature and culture

The thousands of tourists who visit the “sea of Macedonia” all the year are not only attracted by the great nature, they also appreciate the cultural aspect of Ohrid which houses one of the last Gutenberg’s printing.

Ohrid Lake Macedonia

Ohrid Lake

Ohrid is located in the southwest of the former Yugoslav Republic and has about 50,000 inhabitants.

The city of Ohrid and its Lake, where we can find traces from the past, represent the soul of Macedonia and the Balkans. This is why Ohrid is protected by UNESCO since decades.

Ohrid and culture

The city is known for its history regarding writing and Christianity in the Balkans or its pearls which are rare, but we often forget that it houses one of the last printing of Gutenberg. You will be able to discover the history of printing techniques and technology of papermaking.

Printing is located in the heart of the old town of Ohrid, near the National Museum of History. This is one of the last three Gutenberg’s printing with a paper which manufacturing process is more than two thousand years old.

Ohrid is fighting against forgetting the Christian culture, orthodoxy, the Cyrillic alphabet and the history of Balkan peoples.

Ohrid and nature

Ohrid Lake is fed by exotic sources as well as submarine springs. You will be able to navigate in the sources with boats respecting the environment and using oars.

The lake is surrounded by green oasis covered with reeds and other vegetation and inhabited by rare birds which allow to the flora to be under protection.

We are also able to find small colonies of white signs that love to brag in front of curious tourists’ cameras.

Ohrid is undoubtedly a place to visit. It is a destination that perfectly combines culture and nature. It is also a less expensive alternative to the sea of Montenegro or Greece.

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