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A “Hilton” hotel in Podgorica

The company “Normal Tours” announced that the oldest hotel in Podgorica (the Hotel “Crna Gora”) will be rebuilt and replaced by another hotel from the famous “Hilton” chain. This will be the second “Hilton” hotel in a country of the former Yugoslavia.

Hilton Hotel Dubrovnik

Hilton Hotel in Dubrovnik

Podgorica’s Hotel in Montenegro will be the second “Hilton” hotel of the region since the first one is located in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

The hotel will have 210 rooms and will be a 5 star hotel. The “Hilton” chain and the company “Normal Tours” already signed a contract and the construction began in February 2011, they also announced that it will last approximately two years.

Podgorica will be able to promote another tourist destination as soon as the Hotel will open its doors.

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