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Pivolend: the beer festival of Skopje

Pivolend (which could be translated into BeerLand) is a beer festival organized in the city of Skopje in Macedonia. The festival is successful and that is why the city of Skopje organizes new festivals each year (generally in August or September).

Pivolend Skopje Macedonia

Pivolend in Skopje

Pivolend is a festival for beer lovers and good music fans. The event is organized in the city of Skopje, in Kale Fortress and in the neighborhood “Skopska Starata Carsija” (which means “Skopje’s Old Bazaar”). Pivolend festival is the most famous festival of Macedonia and the number of visitors increases every years.

Visitors will be able to choose between 50 different beer brands and taste the famous beverage enjoying concerts offered by fifty artists and DJs.

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