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Mrkonjić Grad and the Balkana Lake

If you are traveling in Bosnia and Herzegovina and you have no ideas about what to do during a weekend, we recommend you to visit the city of Mrkonjić Grad (also known under the name of Vracar Vakuf) and enjoy the two beautiful lakes called Balkana.

Mrkonjić Grad Balkana Lake Tourism

Balkana Lake in Mrkonjić Grad

Mrkonjić Grad

The city of Mrkonjić Grad is located in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia. It is also known for having hosted the first Antifascist Council for the Liberation of Yugoslavia on the 25 November 1943. That day, Bosnia and Herzegovina was declared republic of Serbs, Croats and Bosnians.

Rural Tourism

The city and its surroundings have a rich tourist offer that may be suitable for everyone. Podrašnica, Šibovi and Medena villages will be a pleasure for travelers. Šibovi is a mountain village of a dozen houses which architecture is linked to the nature and respects the atmosphere of the region. You will be able to discover friendly people and visit the many mills, caves and pits.

Hunting and fishing

Mrkonjić Grad has one of the most beautiful and largest hunting areas (over 40,000 hectares) of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can meet deer, bears, wild boars, hares… It is a paradise for fishers who can catch trout and shadow fishes in the Lake Balkana and the rivers Vrbas, Sana, Crna Rijeka and Ponor.


Do not miss visiting the City Museum in the Cultural Center Petar Kočić. You willl find an impressive collection of folk art and photographs. Admission is free.


Balkana Lake is the most attractive place of the area and it is surrounded by dense forests of oak and pine. The tourist complex of Balkana is actually composed of two close artificial lakes extending on a total area of 56,000 m². The lakes are filled by the water of the mountain streams Cjeplo and Skakavac. The small lake is available for swimming while the large one is for fishing. There are also apartments and a motel.

This is an excellent destination to relax and eliminate stress.

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