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Rest and relaxation in Bled

Bled, with its alpine lake and island, is the ideal place to relax for a weekend. This is the ideal place for cyclists, fishermen, paddlers and water activities’ lovers. You will forget the stress of the city.

Bled Slovenia Tourism Lake Relaxation

Lake Bled

Bled is one of the quietest places in Slovenia and a great destination if you want to relax and escape the noise and stress of big cities. Bled’s region is very popular for tourists coming from neighboring countries.

You will be able to reach the main island thanks to the traditional boat (the pletna) in order to play golf, zip-lining or rafting.

You can also visit the famous Bled Castle, perched on a cliff 100 meters above the lake. Do not miss to taste the many culinary delights of the region.

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    Great! I love Bled and I love Slovenia!

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