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Montenegro in the Top 10 destinations for 2013

The famous travel guide, “Lonely Planet”, has placed Montenegro in its top 10 destinations and in the special guide “Best in Travel 2013”. Montenegro reaches the second place just behind Sri Lanka.

Best in Travel 2013 Montenegro

Best in Travel 2013, Montenegro

The “Lonely Planet” guide has chosen the best destinations and created the guide “Best in Travel 2013” based on the growth in popularity during the year 2012 and the attractions that tourists were particularly interested in the country.

Montenegro was cited as “an emerging super star with a wild beauty” and is second in the top 10.

With Montenegro, there are other destinations like Sri Lanka, South Korea, Ecuador, Slovakia, Solomon Islands, Iceland, Turkey, Dominican Republic and Madagascar.

Montenegro is on the way to become a essential tourist destination with its shaded beaches, national parks, trails for hiking and biking, events (for example the Carnival of Budva) and tourist activities …

We also want to remember that the country has recently invested massively in the tourism sector for project such as Porto Montenegro.

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