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Thermal spring Banja Vrućica : leader in wellness tourism

The thermal mineral water is excellent for treating those who have heart problems or who suffer from poor circulation and rheumatic and neurological diseases. The spa is located in the central part of the Republika Srpska, near the Borja Mountain and also near Teslić.

Banja Vrućica

Banja Vrućica

The wellness centre of Banja Vrućica which is the leader in wellness tourism is located in the central part of the Republika Srpska, near Teslić, not far from the Borja Mountain and Usor River.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the occupants of the centre can benefit from treatments using all the advantages of climate and natural mineral water. So, they will evolve in a quiet setting in order to heal and rest effectively. This water is excellent for treating cardiovascular problems and improves blood circulation, as well as treats rheumatic and neurological diseases.

The wellness centre is also an ideal place to enjoy your holiday. In this centre, customers can enjoy and let the experts take care of them through various services such as sauna sessions and massages performed in the hot springs.

The “relax program” includes a Finnish and infrared saunas, aromatherapy, holistic care, anti-stress treatments, chocolate, wine and hot stones massages, hot tub and bathing in healing water and mud.

In the centre, there are also special spa programs for women, and spa dedicated to VIP which are ideal for couples.

Banja Vrućica also has basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis courts and many trails for walking, running and biking. One of the centre’s features is the presence of a football stadium with artificial turf, certified by FIFA, ideal for the preparation of players, especially during winter. All these courses are located near the “Kardial” hotel and surrounded by forests and parks, which is ideal to train since you can enjoy the pure air from the mountains.

The “Kardial” hotel is the pride of the wellness center. If you decide to spend your time there, you can enjoy all the services of a luxury hotel since it is a 4-star hotel. You will also be able to enjoy relaxing, entertainment and business programs.

There are also “Posavina”, “Srbija” and “Hercegovina” hotels which have the status of special hospitals for the prevention>, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease and physical and rheumatic medicine.

The weekend package in Banja Vrućica, which includes half board with wellness services, costs between 75 and 110 euros per person.

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