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The “tattoo tourism” in Croatia

The “tattoo tourism” is an original idea which belongs to the city of Split and combines tourism and the art of tattooing. It is simple: when you pay the tattoo, the owners offer the airplane tickets and the hotel room. The goal is to attract tourists and young thrill seekers.

Tattoo shop in Croatia

Tattoo shop in Croatia

The StTattooArt team from Split with some tattoo artists from the Tattoo Studio of Zagreb and Baraba Ink from Varaždin had the idea to combine the tattoos with free tourism.

For those who decide to get a tattoo in a studio owning a license, StTattoArt offers:

  • Airline ticket (from a low cost company)
  • A hotel room in Split
  • Promotions in bars and restaurants

The “tattoo tourism” is currently available in England, Holland, Germany and recently in France.

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